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"Notes" with Don Robertson

A video series dedicated to the future of music

Music education featuring the great positive music traditions from all times and places.

"Notes" with Don Robertson - Positive and Negative Music (Ep 1)

"Notes" with Don Robertson - Harmony (Filters and Vibes) (Ep 2)

"Notes" with Don Robertson - A Taste of Musical Kaleidoscope (Ep 3)

"Notes" with Don Robertson - Positive and Negative Art (Ep 4)

"Notes" Special Features

"Razorblade's Story"

"Sci-Fi Movies with Futureman

Learning About Music with Don Robertson

"The Roots of American Music"

"Sacred Music from the American South" - Video by Mary Ellen Bickford

Learning About Don Robertson's Music

Excerpts from Kopavi - A Study with Don Robertson








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