Celestial Voyager

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Digital Symphony No. 3

Composed and performed by
Don Robertson

1. Summer Day (11:40)
2. Nocturne (7:34)
3. Le Calme et l'Océan (11:27)
4. Healing Wings (11:27)
5. Celestial Voyager (8:52)
6. Infinite Horizons (6:14)
7. Prayer (13:59)

Total Time: 71:35 minutes


Celestial Voyager inside Celestial Voyager CD Interior by Mary Ellen Bickford

Celestial Voyager - Digital Symphony No. 3

In 1980, Aeoliah recorded his Inner Sanctum album with me in my Home Studio No. 1 in Santa Rosa, California. The opening title Heart Flame features my improvised piano. The was the first time that the piano improvisations that I had been performing in my home appeared on a recording (my zither had been captured on Steve Coughlin's Song of the Reed about the same time). I liked the slow sustained synthesizer chords that Aeoleah performed on this album, and in 1986, I created "Celestial Voyager" along the same lines. However, because of the limitations In the electronic music equipment at that time, I was unable to finish the last track on the album: "Prayer." In 1998, while living in Richmond, Virginia, I dusted off the old master tapes for Celestial Voyager and added more music to the existing album in my home studio (Home Studio Number 2) that I had put together in Richmond. I also created a new track called "Infinite Horizons" that featured me playing acoustic guitar. Finally, in 2008, in Home Studio No. 3 in Nashville, I finished Celestial Voyager.

                                 I guess I can say Celestial Voyager was 22 years in the making....

                                                                                                                  and I am happy with the result.

Watching life's drama
on the beach.

The sand...
the fresh ocean smell...
the sound of the waves
as they gently roll in.

Do we understand
the mystery of the sand?

Can we hear the cries
of the gulls?

Are we alone
or are we One?

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