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Don Robertson's Music Revolution

The Scale

The Scale
by Don Robertson

My Book "The Scale" is a revolutionary handbook for music in the 21st Century.


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Don Robertson's Music Revolution

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The back cover of the album "Dawn"
A collage by Don Robertson

"My Music Revolution began in 1968, when I first discovered the duochord: the four-note root chord of negative music. I realized then that the current discordant style of contemporary classical music was based on this negative chord, and that the next stage of musical evolution (after the one taken in the early 1900s by American composer Charles Ives and Austrian composer Arnold Schönberg - the first composers to write music based on discordant harmonies) would be a return to music based on concords, the familiar three-note major and minor chords of traditional harmony. In 1969 I unveiled the beginnings of my Music Revolution with my first record album "Dawn." With this album I presented the two sides of music: the positive - based on the triangle (the major and minor chords) and the negative - based on the square (the duochord). The Music Revolution is about returning to the harmonic principles of nature - shifting from the discordant music created during the 20th century to music that is based on concord and pure harmony."

Don Robertson - February 1, 2012     


The Goal of the Revolution
The Music Revolution is about taking part in bringing great music into our homes, our concert halls, the air waves, the malls, restaurants, and most importantly, into our schools. Everyone is invited!

The Scale Book
My new book "The Scale" clearly explains the harmonic basis of music, and is my manual for the Music Revolution. Available at, click here for more information.

It's About All of Us
Please remember that revolutions may have leaders, and they may have pioneers, but they are the product of like-minded people working together .... in harmony.
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